Terms and Conditions

The Legal Stuff

By using this site, you agree not to violate anyone's copyright, not to misrepresent someone else's code as your own, and not to violate any laws. If you violate one of these rules and we receive a complaint, your account will be deactivated. This site is meant to be your resource for code you use, but it can't work unless you do your part to follow the rules so the site isn't bombarded with takedown notices.

Neither Brian Hogan, New Auburn Personal Computer Services LLC, or any other entity make any warranty about the use of this site or about the content provide by the site and its members. Using anything you find on this site, especially things that have been made publicly available, is done at your own risk. You are 100% responsible for anything good or bad that results from the use of any of the content found here.

Conditions of Use

Every submission you make is subject to these conditions, which you agree to every time you add a snippet to the repository:

  • You agree that you are responsible and liable for anything you submit
  • You agree not to harass, threaten, or say anything that is untrue about anyone.
  • You agree not to break copyright law. This includes representing someone else's work as your own, posting material you do not have the right to post and making it public, posting links to copyrighted materials including music, warez, and videos, posting serial numbers, product keys, trade secrets, or anything else that can get you in trouble.
  • You agree not to advertise your goods or services here. Build your own site if you want to do that.


We do not monitor, moderate, or screen submissions, but we reserve the right to remove any paste without warning for any reason, especially if it violates the terms of service. The submitter is responsible for any content he or she submits.


You accept all risk and liability. We're not responsible for your code. We're not responsible for loss or damages relating to the use or misuse of this site. We'll do our absolute best to protect your data. If we lose it for some reason, we'll be terribly sorry, but sometimes bad things happen to good people. The site is free and a convenience, but you should back up your code.


Shared Snippets

You can share a snippet with people using a shared URL with an encrypted key. The snippet can only be seen by people who know the URL. There's no guarantee that this URL won't be found by someone else, but it's unlikely. Still, you should be careful when using this feature as it doesn't encrypt or password-protect the snippet; it meerely hides it from public searches and tag clouds.

Your information

Everyone who posts code has to sign up, but we do that so we can attempt to track down people who abuse the site. We won't sell your information, and we won't contact you about anything that isn't directly related to your use of this site. When we do contact you, it'll be about something really important, and not to sell you something.

From time to time, we make backups of the database to protect your snippets. By using this site, you agree to let us copy your code snippets to a backup location. If this bothers you, don't use the site, or don't post anything truly confidential here.


Passwords are one-way encrypted and cannot be retrieved. If you lose your password, you can request a password reset. However, we strongly encourage you to use OpenID instead.

Changes to the policy

We'll change this policy from time to time, and we may not always notify you of changes, so keep an eye on this page for the latest.

Enjoy using the site. Make it your own.

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