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If you're like most programmers, you probably have some code snippets you use over and over again on each project. However, finding those might be a little more difficult. Keep your stuff organized with SnippetStash.

Stash your stuff here, for FREE!

Store, organize, and share your code snippets with others. We support lots of languages, including Ruby, Python, C#, VB, and even Apache config files!

Integrate with your workflow

You can subscribe to RSS feeds for various tags, and you can view snippets with syntax highlighting or as plain-text so you won't get any special characters when you "borrow" code from this site.

There's even a RESTful API underneath this site, so you could build your own tools to work with this site. Paste code from your editor directly to here, or bring code from here into your editor!. Snag code from the web with ease with our API!

Simple, easy signup

We use OpenID for logins. If you have a Flickr, Yahoo, AOL, LiveJournal, Wordpress, or Blogger account, you can start using this right away.

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SnippetStash costs money to host and develop. The service is free for everyone to use
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