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jQuery ScrollTo (txt) posted 08/11/2010

JQuery show hide with link toggle (txt) posted 12/07/2009   by Brian Hogan

Screw.Unit and Smoke Example (txt) posted 06/16/2009

Center-aligned menu with JS (txt) posted 06/09/2009   by Brian Hogan

Detect Quirks vs Standards mode in IE 6, 7, Safari, Firefox, and Opera (txt) posted 02/02/2009   by Brian Hogan

Javascript and Prototype Image Transitions (txt) posted 01/22/2009   by Brian Hogan

Random Image Swap with Prototype (txt) posted 11/20/2008   by Brian Hogan

Check / Uncheck All with Javascript and Prototype (txt) posted 11/17/2008   by Brian Hogan

dynamically stretching % LI elements for horizontal menu (mimic table) (txt) posted 09/19/2008

Validate a Reset Button (txt) posted 10/13/2008

Simple Prototype image rollover (txt) posted 08/27/2008   by Brian Hogan

Cookie Management in JavaScript (txt) posted 08/18/2008   by Brian Hogan

Disable submission via Enter key on text fields (txt) posted 07/18/2008   by Brian Hogan

Javascript Dropdown Menu (txt) posted 07/17/2008

Zebra tables (txt) posted 07/07/2008   by Brian Hogan

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