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Work with your Slideshare feed (txt) posted 02/26/2010   by Brian Hogan

Check a directory for transparent pngs recursively (txt) posted 02/19/2010

Create a StaticMatic site with (txt) posted 09/02/2009   by Brian Hogan

Compress and upload StaticMatic sites (txt) posted 07/07/2009   by Brian Hogan

Stub object chains with Mocha (txt) posted 04/03/2009   by Brian Hogan

cruise.rake (txt) posted 06/17/2009

Report.rake (txt) posted 06/17/2009

Convert ERB views to HAML (txt) posted 05/14/2009   by Brian Hogan

Installing Ruby 1.9.1 and Rubygems alongside Existing Ruby (txt) posted 03/27/2009   by Brian Hogan

Protect yourself from unpushed files (txt) posted 02/22/2009   by Brian Hogan

.irbrc with code highlighting, Rails SQL logging, history, and completion (txt) posted 02/04/2009   by Brian Hogan

Test Rails Helpers (txt) posted 11/25/2008   by Brian Hogan

RStakeout - Run command when files change (txt) posted 11/21/2008   by Brian Hogan

Simple Rack web application (txt) posted 11/17/2008   by Brian Hogan

Daily backup of a Subversion repository (txt) posted 10/09/2008   by Brian Hogan

Array sum (txt) posted 09/11/2008   by Brian Hogan

Uber clean flash div in application helper (txt) posted 08/26/2008

Rake task to create admin and regular users (with prompting!) (txt) posted 08/26/2008

gsub to remove spaces parenthesis and dashes out of a phone number input field (txt) posted 08/25/2008

Net/HTTP Timeouts (txt) posted 08/22/2008   by Brian Hogan

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